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13 simple steps to heal a fresh Tattoo

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We really try to share our knowledge on aftercare with our customers so that all of our Tattoos we do, heal perfectly. Sometimes it can be a lot to take in when the Tattoo artist starts to explain how to heal a Tattoo, especially when all you want to do bolt out the door to get home.

But in case you are stuck and do not remember what the tattooist said, or if you are about to try some dodgy old wife's tale from down the local because you have lost the aftercare sheet? Make sure you...

  • Follow these simple steps first took from our aftercare instructions that we use at our quality professional Tattoo shop in Bedford.

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13 step guide on dry healing a Tattoo
  • If you have any questions regarding healing a Tattoo or you just need to speak to a professional for some advice, we are happy to help!

  • We can use our experts to guide you in any way we can and hopefully we will get you through what is quite a difficult process.

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  1. Keep the dressing that the Tattooist applied onto your tattoo on for no more than two hours after getting the fresh Ink.

  2. When you take the dressing off, first make sure that your hands are clean and then proceed to give your new tattoo a good scrub with soap and water, gently removing all fluids that have leaked out.

  3. Once you have all the blood and ink that has oozed out off with soap and water, pat it dry gently with a clean soft towel.

  4. leave it to dry let the air get to it for the rest of the time before you go to bed, be careful because at this point the skin is delicate and could get damaged or infected easily.

  5. Make sure to keep it clean and check for any weeping in between patting it dry and going to bed. If there is blood/plasma or Ink oozing get a damp clean cloth and wipe off any fluids that have formed on the surface preventing them to dry and scab.

  6. Wrap it in clingfilm before you go to bed and when you wake up repeat the process from step number (2) for five nights! No more no less, you need to sleep in clingfilm and in the morning immediately wipe off any blood and ink that has leaked out in the night trying to keep it as flat and scab free as possible.

  7. Leave it to dry throughout the day letting the air get to it helping it heal.

  8. For the first week do not use any cream or lotion, just leave it to dry up and close while keeping it out of direct sunlight, all while being careful not to catch it or let it sweat.

  9. Do not go Gym and defiantly do not go swimming as chlorine can ruin a fresh tattoo.

  10. We say first week dry but second week wet!

  11. After the first week of dry healing you should be able to touch the tattoo without feeling any heat and it should not be sore to the touch. It should be tight and dry and itchy! That is when to start putting the recommended healing ointment.

  12. Use two to three times a day and really work a small pea size amount into the skin at a time.

  13. If you have any hard to heal areas after one week and they have inevitably scabbed, but the majority is healed use the ointment everywhere apart from the hard of heal areas let them dry out further.

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