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5 talented tattoo Artist’s under one roof

Our little studio is bursting at the seems with a diverse group of talented people! We have five artists all working hard to improve there artistic skills daily, from drawing to painting, with jewellery making and clothes in the pipeline. The Scarlett Rose Tattoo Studio is creating an environment that focuses on creating awesome body art that is done by professional artists.

When we started the studio we wanted to create a warm friendly environment that was inviting to all walks of life. We wanted to set up a shop that focused on making the public’s experience a relaxing one.

We have worked in many studios between us, and we wanted to create family run business with a home from home feeling, so our team of artists can all focus on making the best tattoos we can in a calm creative space. We only use the best equipment available and have private separate treatment areas, we never cut corners when it comes to your interests.

We have been building a solid team of artists over the last two and a half years, that focus on developing there art in practice. We have a wide range of skills that’s brings influences from many different mediums that we put into our passion for the tattoo industry.

Each one of our tattooists is constantly pushing there limits of there individual creativity to give you the best custom designed tattoos we can offer. We want to be top of our game When it comes to high quality tattoo art giving you the chance to get the best possible result.

We can cover most styles of tattoos between all of us, but we all have different qualities when it comes to our passion depending what we focus on. We cover Dot-work minimalism, Neo-traditional, Japanese, Comic book, Realism, Portraits, Animals, to Black-work and many more... Come meet our friendly team today!

If you are looking for some custom ink hand drawn by one of our talented artist’s by pen or digitally, or a custom realism tattoo designed from photographs, we can achieve this! And much more with our combined experience of over 30 years in the tattoo business.

Get your new piece of body art done by us today, and get a professional tattoo for life from one of our tattoo artists!

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