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6 pro tips to do before getting a Tattoo

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

Do your research and choose a good artist

If you are looking to get a new Tattoo, and have already done your research to find a quality tattooist that works from a actual Tattoo shop within travel distance. Then you might be interested to know that there are some pro trick's that we The Scarlett Rose Tattoo Studio want to share with you.

These tip's will help you and your artist get the most from your session and we recommend that you do them in preparation leading up to your new Ink giving you the highest chance to get the best result possible for your next tattoo.

Remember Choose wisely and make sure the shop has at least 25 years worth of experience under there belt like us and you could get a Tattoo like the one below.

Your skin is the largest organ on your body, it just happens to be external for all to see. So why not become unique and get some awesome body art from us and express yourself in the way you want! What is holding you back?

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It does not matter if you have a Tattoo session booked already? or want to book an appointment at our studio today? We at The Scarlett Rose Tattoo Studio believe that you should make sure you do all these pro-tips to get the most from a Tattoo done by one of our 3 unique tattooist's.

We are artist run and have over 25 years worth of knowledge and experience in the Tattoo industry. We want to use our art expertise to create Tattoos that are top quality!

So if you want a Tattoo that is high level art? Then swing by our Tattoo shop or get in contact today!

Book a session online via E-Mail: thescarlettrosestudio.com just tell us what yo want and Laura our manager will guide you through the simple steps.

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6 Simple steps to Help prepare for the best Tattoo...

(1). Make sure you are well hydrated. If you do not already drink the recommended daily amount of water. Do so for the entire week before your session.

(2). Moisturize the area that is about to get Tattooed with a natural oil like coconut oil, or body butter to keep it soft.

(3). This is a big one do not drink alcohol at least 24 hours before that means not the night before the booked session, Alcohol thins the blood and can make you bleed more making it impossible for the Tattoo artist to his best work.

(4). Do not shave! let the artist do it just before he Tattoos you, If he is like our pro's she/he will be a skilled professional with a razor, it will save irritation and be kinder to your skin.

(5). Make sure that you have all important aftercare creams and lotions. There are loads to choose from and some will suite some people more than others, but the only place to start is speak with the artist who is doing it, because his way is tried and tested for his work.

(6). Last but not least your skin is delicate and UV damage can not only damage you Ink but also your health so stay out of the sun and keep off the sunbeds long before you get inked.

  • Once you get your dream Tattoo always follow your Artist's recommended aftercare advise to get the best heal possible!

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