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Going under general anesthesia for your next Tattoo

Drastic measures

OK so that might be a little bit too drastic? and also pretty illegal because it has to practiced strictly under medical supervision. But i am sure you have heard about numbing creams and the myth that they "actually work"?I am rinsing my keyboard with soap now for typing it. There is many on the market not to name any but let me say this, you might need some doctors numbers if you try and use one before a Tattoo. In reality jokes aside too many of them are imported and not regulated by EU laws, which could potentially be harmful, so just be careful.

Nasty reactions if you use numbing creams

Many times we have seen in our shop people coming in after using the cream 2 hours before only to take off the clingfilm and revealing nasty reaction resembling a chemical burn.

Wasting time and £££'s

Obviously not great to do a quality Tattoo over! and even if you have not reacted the skin locks up and becomes harder to fill up with the inks, in tern making it a more painful process that takes twice as long and more difficult in the healing process and higher risk of infection.

Are Tattoos painful?

As a Tattoo Studio we DO NOT RECOMMEND any numbing creams! All we can say is that Tattoos hurt! It is a journey from start to finish, which only the strong willed can conquer... That being said personally I am a wimp with Tattoos, But I keep getting back in the chair for more!

Totally worth the pain!
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