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Best Tattoo aftercare 2019:

Introducing the 100% natural Gorilla Butter


We at the SR Tattoo studio have been lucky enough to be closely working with our new official sponsor, the Gorilla Butter Team in making an exciting new product just for you. Over the last few months we have been vigorously testing and had our hands in helping create what we believe to be the best Tattoo aftercare on the market 2019.

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Gorilla Butter is a premium product that has just been launched giving your skin the best heal possible after a fresh tattoo. This awesome Butter is 100% natural, and will moisturize all skin types, and we are proud to say that it is also Vegan friendly and uses no Palm Oils and its completely cruelty free.

Gorilla Butter is made up of some of the most expensive and natural ingredients like organic Shea Butter, and Frankincense that gives a slight "woody" and "nutty" scent making your new tattoo heal the best possible at all cost's. Using this Butter is the best way for keeping the Tattoo inks bright and colorful when fully healed.

Get some today by visiting gorillacare.co.uk or pop in to our Tattoo Studio in Bedford and grab some in the flesh. To find out more or to see some of the results we get from using the Butter then check out our Tattoo shop Facebook page