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Taking bookings for January 2020!

Tattoos at affordable prices!

We have some top quality tattooists at The Scarlett Rose Tattoo Studio, and we can offer you premium tattoos in many different styles at a low unbeatable prices! We still have some space left this January with our brand new artists this 2020!

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Our talented artist’s for 2020;

We have two very talented apprentices that have been to university to study art, and now having the worked on there personal development as professionals, they have both chosen to become tattooists for there future career’s.

Over the past 3 months they equally have shown drive and passion for the industry, working hard to develop the skills needed to become a safe practicing tattooist. Both have shown great talent when it comes to designing tattoos, and can easily design hand drawn tattoo art from your brief!

What is even better is that they can do all this at a low unbeatable price! Especially for the high standard of artistry these young tattooist’s can offer. They really are ones to watch and showing to be brand new exciting talent for 2020

Meet Lewis Parker

Each apprentice has already developed a individual style, that can already be said to be unique! And we know each one of them will grow as artist’s. And will go far within the industry...

Lewis Parker wants to focus on dot work and line work experimenting with minimalism and dot work to create a interesting mix that really works well on the skin! Look at more of his work on his Instagram.

Meet Hattie Giles

Hattie is a perfectionist and her line work is already really clean! She loves to do small little tattoos that she can customise or create from scratch just for you.

Hattie loves to create Pins with her unique designs in her spare time and successfully sells them on a regular basis.

Like what you see? Clean lines, hand drawn custom designs, unbeatable prices!

Check out Hatties Instagram send her a message (here)
High quality Tattoos at great prices!

We are taking bookings for 2020, offering great prices on all work including our apprentices. Each one is working towards being top of there game! Do you want tattoo artists that push there skills to give you some amazing body art with gifted abilities 100%

At our tattoo Studio in Bedford, we have 5 professional artists in total, and can cover all styles with over 30 years of combined experience between us...

We always create custom designs from scratch, using your ideas and our 30years of knowledge to make top quality ink.

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Email; thescarlettrosestudio@gmail.com

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