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Top 5 Abstract Tattoo artists

Top quality

Here at The Scarlett Rose Tattoo Studio we always try to aim at giving top quality Ink that we can do in many different unique styles not just Abstract. But as artist's ourselves we obviously have our favorite's when continuously looking at 1000's of Tattooists within this booming industry.

Best in the World!

Below we have put together a collection of 5 stand out Abstract Tattoo artist's that inspire us! Especially when talking about unique Abstract Tattoos these are our favorite! Our Tattoo shop in Bedford town Centre is always pushing our skills on a daily basis, but these guys below are at the top of there game and really are the best in the world you will see for yourself,

Take a look,


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Jay Freestyle: 987 posts 163k followers 536 following


Images found on there Instagram

Fede Gas: 703 posts 47.8k followers 1,413 following


Images found on there Instagram

Amok Tattoos: 108 posts 2,784 followers 1,503 following


Images found on there Instagram

Buena vista tattoo club: 148 posts 84.2k followers 151 following


Images found on there Instagram

Uncl_paul_knows_upk: 3,742 posts 77.8k followers 4,242 following


Images found on there Instagram

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