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Tattooist with over 10 years experience

Working from The Scarlett Rose Tattoo Studio in Bedford Uk

Jeremie LaFrance is an American born 37 year old man who has been working internationally as a professional tattooist for over 10 years.

Before his career had started he was in the US marine’s for 9 years and ended up working on a humanitarian mission in Japan. It was from here that he started to collect Tattoos from a local Tattooist and became addicted, and ultimately fell in love with the art form itself. Over time he started to become so regular he started to learn the body art from the local tattoo master, and he never looked back!

More recently when tattooing from his hometown in USA he met his English wife while she got a tattoo while travelling to the States.

Today the married pair live in Bedford, UK and have settled into there future home and Jeremie LaFrance has recently joined The Scarlett Rose Tattoo Studio in Bedford.

From this unique studio he wants to settle down and create a family, while making custom tattoos in many different styles including authentic hand drawn Japanese,

Neo-traditional, and anything comic book inspired.

And hand drawn script...

Get a custom tattoo designed today!

To get Tattooed by the man himself please contact thescarlettrosestudio@gmail.com

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