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Looking for a Tattooist in Bedfordshire

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

You need a unique Tattoo studio that is run by Artist's

There are lots of Tattoo shops in Bedfordshire and even more across the UK! But not many that can create quality realistic Tattoos that look life like especially when healed. Over the years Tattoos have become mainstream and everybody of all ages seem to have one, or at least plan to get inked soon. But this interest has seen a rise in painters and artists put down there paintbrushes and pencil's to pick up a Tattoo machine just like our creative team in our artist run studio at 7 Mill Yard, MK40 3HD.

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Realistic Artist Charlie Tomlinson at The Scarlett Rose Tattoo Studio, Bedford
You be the judge

Thanks to the internet and TV shows of recent years the public have had the chance to be along side the Tattoo industry and watch it boom! being a massive part of its growth, with every new artist that inputs there artistic flair into this ever evolving industry it has taken leaps and bounds to what it was 10 years ago.

Expect more from your studios

Now days people expect more from there local Tattoo shop and do not want to chose off the wall, people now know what a good Tattoo is and what one can look like if done correctly from a custom design by an Artist. Also with the exposure it has put a spot light on the Tattooist and the signs of bad craftsmanship are plain to see.

Do your research

That is why some people are doing there research online and even traveling up and down the country collecting from what they believe to be a good artist, and so they should!

Artist Thorant from our Tattoo Studio
Choose wisely

Because getting some custom work like sleeves or hand Tattoos can be an important choice. Before you make life changing decisions you should make sure that your Artist is confident and has good drawing, painting and tattooing skills.

20% off cover-ups
Take a look at what we offer

Here at The Scarlett Rose Tattoo Studio our Artist's have 25 years of professional practice, and we offer realistic Tattoos including portraits. We love what we do because it is our passion for art that drives us! We can offer most styles between our 3 artists Black'n'grey, Colour, Realism, Traditional, Abstract and more... Check out our fantastic reviews that we are very proud of, or find out more about our parlor on our website.

Artist Charlie Tomlinson (Owner)

We work hard

We strive to offer you an impeccable service. We always use the best equipment and we make all our designs from scratch! Our tattoo designs are 100% original, plus we exclusively offer 20% off all possible cover-ups/re-works!

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