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Need a Tattoo covered?

Got a Tattoo that you need removing?

Over the years Tattoo inks have been developed and improved to the point where you do not see faded green blobs any more. But most people have at least one Tattoo that they wish they could get rid of or change!

We have got you covered!

It does not matter if its a 30 year old blob or just a bad Tattoo that you was young and stupid or the Tattooist messed up we could fix you with a new piece of art.

20% discount because you have paid once!

We offer 20% discount on all re-works/cover-up's when possible and offer you the chance to chat to one of our 3 unique Artists to see how we can help you fix your skin and make you love your Ink again!

Full black out! or laser removal, is not always the best option!

We use new age magic to do our cover-ups! take a look for yourself...

You do not need to Black out! We can work our magic...

Get in contact today! and lets see if we can change you!

"We give FREE consultations so that you can meet us in person and build trust while making a plan for the future"




20% OFF!