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7 Mill Yard | Mill Street | Bedford | Bedfordshire | United Kingdom

MK40 3HD

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We Give You A Great Tattoo Service From Start To Finnish

We believe in giving you a professional service right from the moment you step through our doors. We only tattoo original art from one of our artists and give you top quality tattoos. Our shop has been open since 2017 and has proven to be the most rated in Bedford, Uk. Check out what we have to offer in our artist-run tattoo studio and make sure you subscribe for up to 80% off our regular price.


Our artists differ in age, styles and experience. But we all have one passion!


Together we have over 20 years experience and 3 Fine Art Degrees...


We offer free advice and are very happy to help. Tell us you idea and budget lets make it happen!


We do not cut any corners, and use only the best equipment on the market regardless of cost


We use medical grade disinfectants, making sure we clean to the highest standard!


Our team works hard daily on perfecting there skills, always learning and developing!


All our designs are custom! We never copy and create a personal tattoo for each customer.


We make time for you, we want to chat about your idea and come up with something cool!

Do You Want The Best?

We Are Confident In Our Abilities

We take great satisfaction in doing all of our custom tattoos, and we all feel very proud to show them off, and we think you should too! Unfortunately, at our tattoo studio, we see way too many times, that people who are unhappy with their sub-standard tattoo-work from other studios hide their Ink away. So we give you a simple solution, it really is this easy... Make contact and come to our studio and get tattooed by one of our skilled tattooists, and receive the best quality body-art at an average price. We want to assist you in getting the best result that you deserve with our custom designs, so do not go elsewhere and we feel sure you will be so happy you came to us!


Please take a look and go check out our tattoo work and see for yourself exactly why we are so confident that we can make your next tattoo your favourite one.