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The Scarlett Rose Tattoo Studio LTD

Professional tattoo information before getting tattooed

Important information you need to know before getting a tattoo at our tattoo shop in Bedford, UK.


  1. You must be over 18 years of age.

  2. Look under 25? Please bring your photo ID into the studio on the booked date, we only accept photo evidence like passports, and driving licenses.

  3. We are a cash only studio and unfortunately can not accept credit/debit cards.

  4. All deposits/vouchers are non-refundable outside of a 24hour cool off period.

  5. You can reschedule your booked date for any reason without losing your deposit, as long as you let us know of any change of circumstances including any medical reasons that could prevent you getting tattooed, at least 48 hours before.Already booked in?

Do’s & Dont’s once you have booked in for a tattoo at our studio:

You must:

  1. Please let us know ASAP whether in person or via email ( of any personal health issues, including any allergies or recent operations/illnesses. As well as any medication that you use/used in the last year, prior to your appointment. Because in some cases we may need to see a doctor's note to go ahead with the procedure.

  2. Make sure you eat well before a tattoo! Bring some food along with you on long tattoo sessions.

  3. Consult us and seek your doctors advice first before using any topical anaesthetic creams like numbing lotions, because we can not recommend them.

Do not:

  1. Shave or wax the area of the tattoo yourself, or do not try to remove the hair in any way by anyone else other than by the tattooist.

  2. Drink any alcohol 48 hours prior to having a tattoo, or else the session could get cancelled and might not be completed in that one appointment due to excessive bleeding. (you could be charged extra when you re-book to continue).

  3. Get sunburnt at best 6 weeks before getting ink tattooed into the skin.

Especially do not take any drugs including pain relief unless prescribed and pre-agreed by the doctor and us to be safe, (but in all cases ask us first if it’s ok, because in some cases, not all, we may need to see a doctor's note before going ahead. 


A healthy diet means better healing and longer sessions.

  1. Apply Moisturiser to the area about to get tattooed a week before.

  2. Make sure you are well hydrated by drinking lots, days before and on the day of your session.

  3. Top up on multivitamins or even better have a full healthy diet including lots of vegetables, making sure your immune system is as strong and your skin is as healthy as possible.

  4. It is known that vitamin K thickens the blood and is naturally found with dark greens like spinach and kale, in the past we have seen less bleeding from people who usually tend to bleed so

Find out our full terms and conditions

Your health could be at a heightened risk when getting a tattoo, so we ask you to please seek out our full terms and conditions found on our website before committing to the procedure.


Feel free to contact us with any queries anytime.

The Scarlett Rose Team

01234 313862

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