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Stone Crow Tattoo Studio Ltd, Closes in Bedford

Due to Covid-19 and the current tough times 2020

After opening the Bedford studio in January 2016, Stone Crow Tattoo Studio Ltd has unfortunately closed its doors to the public due to Covid-19. We always thought that they had some great Artists that worked in the studio, they did the best traditional tattoos in Bedford, so we were generally sad to hear this shocking news. It was especially sobering because of the apparent similarities between our two tattoo shops both in Bedford, UK.

Lottie Else continues her journey into the tattoo industry.

On the flip side of fate, the talented Lottie Else who used to work there approached us looking for an opportunity. She seemed deflated and disappointed, and we could not blame her, after putting one and a half years into an apprenticeship at the now-closed shop. She felt that she had lost not only her career but a close team of tattooists and friends too. She had come to 7 Mill Yard to ask if we could help her in letting her continue her journey of becoming a tattooist at our tattoo shop. As soon as we saw her stunning and extensive portfolio, we snapped her up and welcomed her into our team straight away!

Amazing Traditional tattoo Artist in Bedford, UK

Lottie Else has been learning the tattoo trade over the past few years, and has completed some amazing tattoos right from the off! She has perfected her drawing skills to a high level, creating lots of awesome traditional tattoo designs. All up for grabs on her Instagram account so go check them out and give her a follow, Here>

She draws all her custom tattoos on her Ipad and can create cool designs that look so awesome they need to be Inked NOW! You need to check them out if you love propper Traditional style tattoos... You can private message her on Facebook about designs Here>

Do you need a tattoo quote for a tattoo idea you have?

Please let us try and help you at our tattoo studio The Scarlett Rose Tattoo Studio Ltd, Bedford, UK.


Find out how Covid-19 has affected our tattoo business, Here>

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