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Hattie Giles Tattoos

Tattoo Artist At The Scarlett Rose Tattoo Studio LTD, Bedford, UK
More about Hattie

Hattie started her career as a Tattooist at our studio The Scarlett Rose Tattoo Studio LTD in Bedford, UK, 2019. She is a natural with a Tattoo machine because she is a very talented artist that can put her hand to most style's and make something novel and cool. She is a quirky artist that has a uniquely different style.

We thought that now she has nearly completed a year of her apprenticeship it is a good time to check in with her and ask her a few one to one questions. So that if you have not already met her in person, and had an awesome tattoo done by her, then maybe you could get to know her a little more before you did... Do not hesitate to get one of her custom hand-drawn tattoos today and get a bargain fast before she becomes too booked up with massive waiting times.


Q. When did you start drawing?

A. Forever ago LOL, I remember drawing comic books with my cousin around Grandmas' house when I was super young.

Q. What got you excited for tattoos and why choose this industry?

A. I love when you see a tattoo that jumps off the skin! when the lines are so clean and bold that it looks like a sticker. I also love the fact that you can get an instant reward from turning a drawing into a tattoo and seeing the Customers gratitude from their reaction.

Q. What are your inspirations, where do you get your inspiration for your different style.

A. There is too many to name, most the ones on my follow list on Instagram Esme Baker, or Suflanda, stick out to me at the moment, but I am constantly looking for more.

Q. What would you say your style is? And what do you love to do?

A. I guess my tattoo and drawing style is very graphic and clean, as in I love clean bold lines and sharp straight edges, I love all my tattoos to look like a printer has etched it onto the skin. As for a style, Hmm, I love to draw spooky stuff like cute ghosts and dancing skeletons. So I guess "cute macabre" could be a way to describe what I do.

Q. Do you have any qualifications or credentials or are you self taught?

A. I do have an art degree in Fine Art and obviously A-levels that I needed to get into Uni but I guess they get trumped by the Degree.

Q. What qualifications did you get on your Degree

A. I got a (2, 1).

Q. Since you started, after completing quite a few tattoos now, what has been your favourite one?

A. That is easy your best should always be you last that what I have been taught, that you are only as good as your last tattoo. so I would say my latest one which I believe was the Skull in a Whiskey glass.

Q. Thankyou Hattie for your continued hard work and unique style that you bring to our tattoo shop, we know that you have a bright future ahead of you. One last question if you could say one thing to all your customers what would it be?

A. Tanks a lot! I love working here at the studio it is so chilled and a great place to develop as an artist. As for my customers, I would like to thank them massively for all there support and trust, and that I am grateful that they can put up with my awkwardness and hope that they are all happy with all their tattoos.

Hattie a very skilled tattooist with a professional artist background and the most careful procession approach to tattooing we have ever seen from a junior artist. All her designs are custom and hand-drawn to suit your needs and she puts her own spin on each idea. Right up to now she has shown great promise and soon her current cheap prices will match her talent.

"If you want a great tattoo at a bargain cheap price then get in contact today for a limited time only. Save some money right now and avoid waiting any longer to get you new custom tattoo".

Email the Tattoo Shop today to book-in or make an enquiry:


PM Hattie herself for a quote at:

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