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Professional Tattoo Healing Tips

The Best Advice For Healing Your Tattoo

We want our tattoos to heal perfectly

When you get a new tattoo and you walk out of the tattoo shop door it is really important on any size tattoo that you get a good heal so that you get the best results possible. As long as you choose a professional Artist with the most experience you should get concentrated, dark blacks and bold bright colours with clean straight crisp lines that have not blown out when fully healed. Many times if you neglect the healing method and do not follow a strict step by step guide like ours at The Scarlett Rose Tattoo Studio LTD, Bedford, you might end up with the ink falling out, having faded patches, deep or raised scars or at worse an infected tattoo.

Important Guidelines

The most important thing to remember is that a fresh tattoo is an open wound and should be kept really clean at all times because you can get infected from dirt getting into your cut. Make sure you leave it alone as much as possible and do not repeat any practice excessively, always remembering to use anti-bacterial soap, washing your hands every time you have to touch your new open tattoo.

Helpful advice from one of our professionals

If you think your tattoo is infected, do not panic! Speak to one of our professional team members before making an uninformed decision and we can guide you on what to do next. This is really important If the tattoo was from our tattoo studio because we can update our records so we can build a file on the way your body reacts making changes to our techniques if needed for when you come back to make sure you get the best results.

We use the best products on the market

If you care about how your tattoo looks when healed you probably have done some research on tattoo aftercare and have seen a lot of tattoo lotions, creams, and moisturizers on the market. Some are oil-based and some are infused with CBD but each one of our products at our studio is animal friendly and suitable for vegans including our Ink's. All of our Artist's together use 20 plus years of knowledge and expertise, our ways at our tattoo shop are tried and tested and we only use the most trustworthy expensive products on the market.

Dry healing method

We use a dry heal method and tell you to get as much oxygen as possible during the first week after getting tattooed. If you wrap your brand-new tattoo up in a dressing like cling-film you could sweat and aid the body in rejecting the Ink. This is is why we do not recommend Gyms or any form of exercise that makes you sweat. Not forgetting the high risk of harmful bacteria growing in the warm damp environment.


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