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Bookings at The Scarlett Rose Tattoo Studio During COVID-19

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Extra Precautions

Although we already had professional medical-grade cleaning products, we have now added a no-touch thermometer, we wear Masks and we have a hand sanitizing station to protect everyone against the spread of this deadly disease.

One Client Per Booking

We are now only accepting one client per booking and ask you to please come alone when you arrive at the Studio. We are also staggering our arrival times between Tattooist's to minimize the risk. And as soon as you arrive you will be asked to wait inside the Tattoo room and not the reception because we have also eliminated the waiting area.

Showing Symptoms And You Need To Re-Book

If you already have a booking with us and have COVID-19 symptoms, please do not show up at the Shop, Because we would rather that you Email us TODAY to reschedule.

We have Been Super Busy

The last couple of weeks we have seen a massive interest in people wanting new Tattoos following the relaxing of the UK lockdown. Since being allowed to open post-pandemic we have been busy, successfully prioritizing our old customers, all whilst trying to accommodate the influx of new clients/inquiries wanting a tattoo from us at The Scarlett Rose Tattoo Studio.

We Might Not Answer The Phone

Because of the safety precautions we have in place, we can still take bookings. however, we can not currently do face to face consultations. We are not accepting walk-ins, and all bookings must be done via email until further notice. We ask you if you have an inquiry or want to make a tattoo appointment please send us an email rather than the phone.

Getting Tattooed during COVID-19

Jeremie La France and our Junior Artist's have been really busy building their client lists, and all are on top form since coming back. We are now taking bookings during COVID-19 with short waiting times...

Why Wait?

Book-in via Email

Had A Booking Booked Before COVID-19 And Not Heard From Us?

Now our Studio is at a point where we think we might be all caught up re-booking all our old pre-booked customers back in. Potentially minus a few that we have not been able to contact or not heard back from through the details we have.

Contact Us Today!

So please if you had a booking with us, but have not heard anything, go check out your spam folder or email us today to make sure you get your appointment booked back in ASAP.

New Tattoo Appointments

If you want to make a new tattoo booking we do have some spaces left with small waiting times, and we will try our best to get you in as soon as possible. But due to the high number of inquiries we ask you to please be patient in waiting for a response. Let us hope that after all this, we do not follow Spain and go into a second lockdown because we will have to do it all over again...

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