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Tattoo Shops Finally Open After Covid-19

Updated: Jul 30, 2020


We have all recently gone through a massive pandemic that has literally shut down the world in what should normally be the busiest time of year in 2020. Many small family-run businesses like ours were forced to close and a lot have sadly failed to come through untouched by the unfortunate last few months.


Luckily for us, we have always had great support from all of you, which we are so greatfull for and so far, here at our tattoo studio we have all luckily made it through the other side. Our heart and support really go out to anyone suffering in the aftermath from this un-paralleled time in history we hope that everyone is safe and well and recovers quickly.


The good news is that finally after months of nail-biting and stress, the prime minister announced that from 13th July Tattoo shops can now open their doors with controlled measures in place. So we can now start practising our art again, with you guys now being able to get some more ink.


At The Scarlett Rose Tattoo Studio LTD, we have always worked hard to make the tattoo shop as clean as possible, only using the most professional equipment and strict regimes. But now we are allowed to open up for business again with Covid-19 still a threat, we have unique control methods in place to ensure everyone's health is at minimal risk when getting a tattoo done at our quality tattoo shop in Bedford.

While there is still some sunshine left in this summer and we have all been cooped up inside spending way too much time scrolling through our phones. Now it is time to get out of the house and treat yourself a little and spend some £££, please come by and support our small family business and others like us across all industries.

"lets make UK strong again".

We are offering some new exciting deals off the back of this lock-down and can not wait to start doing what we love and do best, creating some awesome tattoos from custom designs for all you lovely girls and boys so we can get things as close to back to normal as possible.

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We look forward to hopefully seeing you soon...

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